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High Wind Introduces Dedicated Programme for PhD Candidates

Published on
March 15, 2024

High Wind is introducing a programme specifically for PhD candidates. This initiative, coordinated by Anna Kraaijeveld Enerstvedt, aims to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange among doctoral researchers in wind energy. Photo by Grahame Jenkins.

Anna Kraaijeveld Enerstvedt
Our pre-conference programme brings together doctoral researchers from WECP cities to foster connections and delve into wind energy research at the University of Stavanger (UiS). In addition, participants will explore the energy transition cluster ETN and share insights with city mayors, Enerstvedt said.

The initiative aims to strengthen ties between energy cities within the WECP collaboration, particularly in the context of energy transition. WECP stands for World Energy Cities Partnership, a collaboration of cities with significant energy sector interests. Each city faces similar energy transition challenges, highlighting the need for a collaborative approach.

PhD candidates are at the forefront of addressing pressing challenges in energy transition. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to leverage their expertise to tackle shared challenges collectively, Enerstvedt said.