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High Wind 2024

Published on
January 23, 2024

The High Wind 2024 Conference will take place on 12 March at the Clarion Hotel Energy in Stavanger.

Offshore Wind – What now?

This is a prime opportunity to gain the latest insights and knowledge into the offshore wind industry. At HIGH WIND 2024 you will discover how this burgeoning energy sector is evolving and expanding. However, it is challenging times for this sector as well, increased capex as well as constraints in the supply chain. And we observe a gap between political ambitions with respect to timing and capacity planned to be installed.

How can the industry deliver according to the political ambitions?

The conference provides a distinctive platform for exploring business prospects, networking with key decision-makers, and fostering collaborations among governments, businesses, and clusters.

The HIGH WIND 2024 conference shall give you insight in the European market, as well as the how the Norwegian market slowly develops towards its first development projects Opportunities and challenges related to the ongoing license processes both the still unfinished 2023 process as well as the upcoming 2025 auctions will be discussed.

The Conference uniquely emphasizes the complete value chain of the offshore wind industry. Presently, we are witnessing a swift transition towards the offshore wind industry, evident in both the international markets and the emerging Norwegian market

High Wind 2023 was a success with 350 participants including 50 students from several universities. The participant feedback was great with a 4,9 rating (scale 1-6) based on both the conference content and format.

Register now

Offshore Wind - What now?
Date: 12 March 2024
Time: 08:30 - 18:00
Networking Afterparty: 16:00 - 18:00
Where: Clarion Hotel Energy, Stavanger

Price: NOK 4000 (price excluding VAT)

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The High Wind Partnership is:
The ONS Foundation
The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce
City of Stavanger
Norwegian Offshore Wind