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Accelerating Offshore Wind Innovation

Published on
March 15, 2024

We are proud to announce Invest in Rogaland as a sponsor of the After Works programme during the High Wind Conference. This sponsorship underscores Invest in Rogaland's commitment to advancing offshore wind innovation and solidifying Rogaland's position as a global leader in clean energy solutions. Photo by Jesse De Meulenaere.

Invest in Rogaland is a trusted partner for foreign companies seeking to establish a presence in the southwest region of Norway. Rita Stobbs, project leader at Invest in Rogaland, expresses the agency's enthusiasm for sponsoring High Wind.  

Kjetil Bergsvåg & Rita Stobbs
We recognize the importance of events like High Wind in fostering collaboration and driving innovation. We aim to support the exchange of ideas and promote the development of cutting-edge technologies that will shape the future of offshore wind, Stobbs said.

With Rogaland's rich history of pioneering offshore solutions, the region is uniquely positioned to contribute valuable insights to the conference discussions. Kjetil Bergsvåg, investment manager in Invest in Rogaland, emphasizes the region's dedication to fostering a thriving offshore wind ecosystem.  

Rogaland has been at the forefront of floating offshore wind technology for decades, and we are committed to continuing this legacy of innovation. We hope to showcase Rogaland's expertise and attract further investment and collaboration in the region's offshore wind sector, Bergsvåg said.

Invest in Rogaland works as a catalyst for international business expansion and innovation in clean energy. Through strategic partnerships and support for events like High Wind, Invest in Rogaland is driving the transition to sustainable energy solutions and positioning Rogaland as a global hub for offshore wind development.