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A low-carbon economy hinges on collaboration

Published on
March 7, 2024

High Wind is proud to have DNB as a sponsor for this year’s conference. DNB has for long been a driving force for sustainable transition by targeting to finance and facilitate 1500 billion NOK for sustainable activities by 2030. By sponsoring High Wind, they encourage important collaboration between government, businesses, and clusters in the Norwegian wind industry. Photo by Nicholas Doherty.

DNB is the largest bank in Norway where value creation and climate transition is at the core of their strategy.

Katrine Kleppan Blystad


We sponsor High Wind as it is an important meeting place for the growing Norwegian Offshore Wind Industry, said Katrine Kleppan Blystad, Global Head of Energy, DNB.

DNB aims to assist its customers in their transition by providing financial products and services that support sustainable activities, solutions, investments, and innovation. To further support its customers, DNB is actively encouraging businesses to align with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Anne Blomberg

A successful transition to a low-carbon economy hinges on collaboration. DNB's focus on stakeholder dialogue and sponsorship of the High Wind conference underscores their commitment to encourage and facilitate collaboration between governments, businesses, and clusters”, said Anne Blomberg, Project Manager, ONS.

On stage during the High Wind Conference, you will find Gine Wang-Reese, EVP Public Affairs and Sustainability, DNB, as one of our moderators for the day and Katrine Kleppan Blystad, Global Head of Energy, DNB, in the session “Status for Offshore Wind” where she will discuss why offshore wind is an important element in the energy transition and what the future of offshore wind is looking like from what we see today.  

You can find tickets here – remember that admission is free for students!